Plant Friends Memory Card Game!
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Plant Friends Memory Card Game!

Plant Friends Memory Card Game is here!  Created by Amira Mudfaery MudWood.  18 of her plant illustrations are featured in a game fun for all ages!  Great for learning to identify beneficial plants and a fun non-competetive version of the traditional memory game.  A booklet included gives instructions and some tips for the use of…

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ZingChi, Uncle Bean, Delectables, MudWood Art and the MamaZing Apothecary!

MamaZing has seen a whirlwind of a year so far! The move to the Faraway North has been a major readjustment time for MamaZing and MudWood. Far North markets at The Old Packhouse in Kerikeri and Kaitaia Market are wonderful.  Refills are flowing and feeling good. Uncle Bean, our Cold Brewed Coffee Kombucha has made…

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MamaZing Delectables!

MamaZing Delectables has been born!  MamaZing Kombucha is expanding to some healthy food stuffs. We also have a deep passion for Cacao. Always Organic and high quality, with Artisan practices and conscious positive energy put in. MamaZing Delectables has made a small debut at the Old Packhouse Market in Kerikeri with raw Chocolate treats. Exciting…