MamaZing Kombucha


MamaZing Kombucha was started in Golden Bay, New Zealand in 2016.

Now moved to the Faraway North, we are brewing at Fern Flat with pure Spring water from our land.
Made by us, Jo and Amira MudWood, with the finest and carefully selected
organic ingredients in an intricate, unique Oak Barrel brewing process.
With a passion for health and creativity, we strive to provide a gourmet, Artisan beverage
which offers deep wellness, probiotic benefits, Zing, and a delicious alternative
to high sugar drinks, chemically processed energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages.
MamaZing Kombucha features:
Beneficial Botanicals
Artisan brewed in small batches in Oak Barrels
Gourmet and unique flavour profiles
Commitment to high quality and Organic ingredients
Pure Spring Water
Swing top, very reusable bottles. We encourage bottle returns!
Family run, small business working under an ethical business model
Commitment to customer care and dedication to conscious growth
Low fizz, low sugar, lightly effervescent (Can become fizzy if left in warm too long)
**Please note MamaZing Kombucha is a supreme health tonic, and is not
overtly fizzy due to a lower sugar brewing process and no added carbonation.
Unique, artful labels which evolve with feedback
(Next printing will feature larger print, thanks to feedback.)
Education on Kombucha brewing and cultures available
All Natural and Organic