Plant Friends Memory Card GameAvailable Now!Get the GamePlant Friends Memory Card GameGet the GameMemory Cards, Box, and BookletGet the gameMemory Cards, Box, and BookletGet the gameBeautiful Plant IllustrationsLearn about beneficial plants while playing a fun, non-competitive game!Get the gameBooklet with information and pictures!Get the Game!A Passion for NatureBy Amira Mudfaery MudWoodGet the Game!

The Plant Friends Memory Card game is here!!  Featuring 18 illustrations of beneficial plants, a booklet and a sturdy box, this non-competitive version of the  traditional memory game is a game for every household!  The first set features plants found in gardens and common places.  Instructions are included in the cards and in the booklet. 

As we are passionate about spreading the love of nature and benefits of plants, we are using the proceeds from these cards to help fund the MudWood Natural Living and Creativity Centre.  Find Plant Friends under gratitude gifts in our crowdfunding campaign. The Plant Friends Memory Card game is available now! 18 illustrations of beneficial plants in a non-competitive version of the traditional memory card game. Find it on our website at

More information on each of these Herbs, as well as recipes and other sharings will be found on the Plant Friends website in the new year.  Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook/theplantfriends for updates. Or follow us on Instagram at mamazingmudwood.