MamaZing Mushrooms!

MamaZing Mushrooms are medicinal, “functional” (all mushrooms function in different ways), extract powders. Carefully sourced and certified organic. 100% pure fruiting bodies with no fillers.

We blend the individual mushrooms in house and the blends are designed by Amira, our Mama of the Zing and herbal expert. These potions are developed to help improve various ailments. Mushrooms have much scientific and anecdotal research behind them. They have been used for thousands of years for food and natural health.

We have been offering these blends for over two years. The feedback is that these mushrooms are effective, potent, and amazing. People keep coming back for more. And we use them every day for ourselves and our animals. Yes, these mushrooms are beneficial for animals!

The new MamaZing Mushroom labels are here! And our new MamaZing Mushroom Cacao product line will be on the website soon. As well as 130gram bags and packs of 30 gram pouches.

This winter, our Blog will make its debut. This will feature recipes and information. Subscribe to our newsletter. The website is being updated over the next months to keep up with MamaZing! Head to our Mushroom section to check out our Mushroom Potions. And to see photos of lovely Mushrooms! Thanks! In Joy, MamaZing

MamaZing Mushroom Potions!

MamaZing Faery Berry and Super Duper Potion

MamaZing Faery Berry and the Super Duper Potion make a wonderful daily health tonic. Faery Berry features a Rooibos brew with Hibiscus, Red Clover, Rosehips, and Hawthorn Berries, Along with Cardamom and Vanilla. These herbs have benefits for the heart and blood. High in Vitamin C. And delicious! For a more full list of their benefits, see our Meet the Brews page on the website.

When mixed together, MamaZing Herbal Kombucha and Mushroom Potions make an alchemy that creates a magical drink. Frothy, robust, packed with nutrients and benefits, and delicious Zing!

Pick up a pack of MamaZing Mushrooms and a bottle of MamaZing and get out your potion vessel. Stir it up!

(Leave some room in the top for the frothing magic or you may experience a volcanic effect.)

Spirit Festival

This week at Spirit Festival, MudWood and MamaZing! At Kumeu Showgrounds Thursday through Sunday. Join us for a great gathering of spirit, music, dance, and creations. 

Plant Friends Memory Card Game!

Plant Friends Memory Card Game is here!  Created by Amira Mudfaery MudWood.  18 of her plant illustrations are featured in a game fun for all ages!  Great for learning to identify beneficial plants and a fun non-competetive version of the traditional memory game.  A booklet included gives instructions and some tips for the use of a couple of common plants.  Plant Friends can be found as one of the gratitude gifts under the MudWood Natural Living and Learning Centre crowdfunding link on the Home page.  Proceeds raised will be used to fund educational programs to help spread the knowledge of plants.  Exciting!!

Blog is coming! New MudWood family members have arrived!

We are working on our daily Blogging and will be starting in December with recipes, exciting and inspiring information, photos and more! At the moment we are busy with the new family members of MudWood.

As well as Spring planting, MamaZing things, and new developments at MudWood. We are looking forward to sharing new recipes with you all. And are updating the website again. Check out all of our tabs for Kombucha, Mushroom, and Herb information. MudWood section for videos and songs. And our Art gallery. Spring has sprung here in New Zealand!

MamaZing Mushroom Potions!

Updated MamaZing Mushroom Potion blends have just gone into the website shop! Potent medicinal Mushroom extract powders. Certified Organic, carefully sourced, and hand blended by us here at MamaZing. Our proprietary blends assist with all sorts of different things. Order a MamaZing Mushroom blend online today!

October News

Has been awhile since our last update due to internet issues and time lack. MamaZing has had some major growth spurts the past few months. And many changes! The MamaZing family has spread out. We are back to life with the two of us, 5 horses, 3 cats, and 2 ducks. MamaZing Kombucha is spreading like SCOBY cultures and refilling an immense amounts of bottles. We are pleased with the organic growth of MamaZing and the way we can spread the goodness of well-made, quality Kombucha elixir as well as herbal medicine. Thank you to all of our devoted Zingers for bringing your bottles in and filling them and yourselves with MamaZing goodness!

MamaZing Delectables are now found in their own wee shop next to the MudWood Art Gallery and MamaZing Apothecary at The Old Packhouse Market in Kerikeri. Organic, gluten free, vegan Chocolates, cakes, hot drinks, and other medicinal foods.

MamaZing Kombucha has a full tap room at The Old Packhouse. Fill your empty MamaZing bottles, grab a cup, or visit the growing Apothecary for a tonic or Mushroom potion!

The MudWood Art Gallery is also growing! A new case full of jewelry and sculpture, as well as walls full of canvas and poster prints, shelves full of magical Art cards, and Hatty and Hatter’s Exquisite Hats!

MagicLand is settling!

We have been blown away by the support we have received for this. Some donations came in to our crowdfunding, and one very generous donor offered a loan to cover the remainder of the land costs. Therefore, we have changed the campaign to ongoing sponsorship of MagicLand MudWood for land projects. Please feel free to be a part of this land and its happenings by donating or setting up a monthly subscription! A crowdfunding campaign will start in the next month for a MamaZing Kombuchery/ Mushroomery so that MamaZing can grow and expand. Check back for details. Until then, so many thanks for all support, including positive energy and love offered! We are feeling truly blessed!

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