Welcome to the online home of MudWood!       

   We are Amira and Jo MudWood.  Nestled in the Faraway North of New Zealand, we live with magic land and a family of animals.  Creating music, art, craft, natural remedies, healthy food, and educational opportunities related to these pursuits.

We invite you to the MudWood section of the site to hear our music.

         www.mamazing.nz is our MamaZing portal.  Find wellness products and other inspiring things there,

      Coming soon to this site:

 Mudfaery Apothecary & Chocolates on the web portal. 

  Feel free to contact us directly with any queries.

 The Shop button will take you to the MamaZing portal.    

    In joy, health and wellness.

Plant Friends Memory Card game is out now!  See the link below.  

                 Wishing you all well!  Health and Zing!

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