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Welcome to the online home of MamaZing and MudWood!

  Welcome! Haere Mai! You have entered the online Portal of MamaZing and MudWood.

The MamaZing Apothecary is growing! At MamaZing, we are passionate about natural ways to wellness. From herbal Elixirs and fermented tonics, to fermented Veggies and spices, to Medicinal Mushrooms, to alchemical concotions, and healthy Chocolates, MamaZing is commited to creating wellness products.

We are passionate about Gut health, food as medicine, and nutrition first as the path to wellness.  Refills, returns, and reusables are a part of our mission to help create a circular cycle of goods. A sustainable life system helps to create wellness as well.

Who are we? Jo and Amira MudWood. We are passionate about organic living, sustainable land practices, ethical and caring exchange, and respecting our Earth home and Nature. 

We are on a mission to do everything we can to help create a healthy, abundant, cooperative existence on this beautiful Earth.  With MamaZing Apothecary and Delectables, MudWood Music, and MudWood Arts, and the spirit of this magical land upon which we dwell, we are already active on this mission!  For decades we have both been passionately about our path.  Together as MudWood, we have become twice as passionate and double the energy for action. 

Join us as we move our energy to a greater vision and hold space for sanctuary, natural living, transformation, community, co-creation, and wellness!

Winter time is upon us here in the Faraway North. The changes of the world are causing us to create new pathways and reassess everything we do.

  Feel free to contact us directly with any queries.  If you are in New Zealand, visit us for our condensed shop at Funky Fridays in Peria. 

Order online or through email.  Couriers are delivering around New Zealand, but expect packages to take longer than usual.

More items are being put on the website regularly. And we have a new line of tonics coming out in Spring! Check back or sign up to be on our newsletter.

    Be well out there!  Keep those immune systems strong!  And be kind, as this is a time for extra kindness and compassion for each other.     

Wishing you all well!  Health and Zing,  Amira and Jo and the MamaZing team