Hot Cacao Drink Recipe

For a rich cup of Hot Chocolate the healthy way, there are many recipes.  This is our simple recipe.

Prepare in a cup or saucepan. Boil water and let cool a bit. (80 degrees Centigrade is optimal)

Mix in Cacao Powder.  This is where the amount is up to you. Start with one teaspoon per cup and add more if you wish for a richer Cacao drink.

Add sweetener to taste.  Maple syrup, Coconut sugar, or Honey are the “healthiest” options we have found.

Add other powders as desired.  Maca, Cardamom, and medicinal Mushrooms are some of our favourites.

Add Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or other spices as desired.

For “milk” we use Hemp hearts.  Blend with water.  No need to sieve if you don’t mind a bit of texture.

Otherwise, Coconut milk, Almond mylk, Cashew mylk, or Hazelnut are lovely alternatives.

Stir and enjoy!