We are Amira and Jo MudWood.

Once upon a time we discovered the joys and benefits of drinking and then making our own Kombucha.

Our first SCOBY was named MamaZing and became a prolific culture.

One day we decided to have a Faery wedding.

We wanted a wedding with no alcoholic beverages.

It was obvious we needed to make a whole lot of Kombucha to feed our Kombucha loving guests.

Four of our SCOBYs were nominated to become really big and brew us some serious Kombucha.  And it began.  We collected wine bottles from local venues and scraped a lot of labels.  We made about 140 Litres for the wedding.  It was delicious and went down so well, we carried on.  Started bringing it to markets and such.  Spent days one end creating labels.  Jumped through the hoops for food business licensing and away we went.  We are in shops, health,  and food venues around New Zealand.  We named the business MamaZing after our first culture.

MamaZing was born from love and commitment.

 We are committed to an Organic and wholesome lifestyle.  We are committed to sustainable business.

We are committed making high quality, healthy beverage and food products.

We are Artists, Musicians, and now Artisan health beverage makers.

Stop back to see our regrowing website full of MamaZing and MudWood stuffs.

Our musical duet is called MudWood and features harmony Vocals, Guitar, Harp, world Percussion, and Flute.  Conscious lyrics, Soulful sound, and heartfelt music.

As the MudFaeries of MudWood, we create onsite Sculpture from the Earth.

 We also create Roundhouses.  Jo is from Wales and is a wiggly wood builder.

Together, we create MamaZing.