Kapowa! 7 Box




Kapowa! is one of our super
brews! A great health
wonder, as well as potent
Kombucha. Kapowa! is
brewed longer for greater
Probiotic benefit. Featuring
Kanuka, Manuka, (not
Honey, but tree),
Kawakawa, Turmeric,
Ginger, Rosemary, Nettle,
Cardamom, and Vanilla, this
brew packs a powerful hit of
wellness! Savoury flavour
with a clean finish. Kapowa!
has been highly regarded as
a unique, gourmet, wellness
drink. For those who like a
strong Kombucha.
Pleasing flavour which is
even well received by most
children and non-Kombucha drinkers.
A great one for
those looking for alcohol
alternatives, as well as deep
medicine. This photo was
taken at the location we
harvest the Kawakawa,
Kanuka, and Manuka from.
As well as the birthplace of
MamaZing Kombucha.

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