About Us

MamaZing is a wellness focused mission. 
We are on a mission to do everything we can to help create a healthy, abundant, coooperative existence on this beautiful Earth. With MamaZing Kombucha and Apothecary, MudWood Music and Arts, and the spirit of this magic land we dwell on, we are already active on this mission! 
For decades we have both been passionately about our path.  Together as MudWood, we have become twice as passionate and double
the energy for action. 
Join us as we move our energy to a greater vision and hold space for sanctuary, natural living, transformation, and wellness!
Ethos.  Purpose.  Integrity.  Goals.  Standards.  Values.

    Our mission as MudWood is:
To create, inspire, and spread knowledge through Music, Arts, Health, and Media that helps to initiate Earth based practices which focus on growth, healing, spiritual enlightenment, creativity, and expression.

  With MamaZing Kombucha:
To create a healthy and natural product which is promoted by a business that is good for people and the planet.  A focus on a symbiotic culture of reuse and organic practices.

With the Land is:
To create a space for well being, growth, inspiration, education, and healthy living following Organic principles, peaceful communication, and pathways to sustainable income and abundance for all involved.


Jo MudWood
Visionary, Manifestor, Bard, Builder of things, WoodWorker, Artist, Musician, Writer, Creator of useful objects, Gardener, Naturalist, Organicatarian,
Earth Dweller, WoodFaery
Amira MudWood
Creative Be-ing, Visionary, Silly Dancer, Manifestor, Revolutionary, Artist (Sculptor, Illustrator, Felter, Potter, Painter, Carver, Visual Art), Musician, Crafter, Alchemist, Herbalist, Facilitator, Gardener, SCOBYologist, Writer, Naturalist, Organicatarian, Earth Dweller, MudFaery