Asking the People Who Care

If we don’t ask, we never receive the answer.

We are asking for HELP. The land that we brew and bottle MamaZing Kombucha on, that we get our beautiful Spring water to make the Kombucha from, and that we live on is in immediate need of refinancing. We have been trying all year and then some with banks, mortgage brokers and second tier lenders. Their answer has been no due to reasons we can’t relate to. We need loans, donations, land partners, or investors. As soon as possible.

We have been trying to start crowd funding campaigns and are working on this for business and land projects. But time is restrictive and it seems to take ages to set up. Coming soon though.

MamaZing is buzzing and growing fast. We can’t currently keep up with stock as it is in such high demand. This land has so much potential for so many things to happen and people to learn and experience on. We plan retreat roundhouses, (Jo builds roundhouses), medicinal and subtropical gardens (We already grow bananas, some herbs, and are experienced growers of medicine, sculpture gardens, a new Kombuchery roundhouse, and an education centre.

We need the funds to refinance so we can stay here and do this!! We landed her in the Faraway North of New Zealand on this land for many reasons. And we are meant to be here. If we have to uproot everything, MamaZing will suffer drastically and may not survive. And we will also suffer. This is a call for financial assistance. This is a call for support. This is a call for a MamaZing team to form.

The investment potential is pretty awesome if you are looking for something to put your money into to help grow. The land share potential is awesome, as the land is 50 acres and has multiple house sites. (And Jo builds roundhouses and teaches. See MudWood Shelters FB page or our website) The education and sharing potential on this land is great. The growing potential is amazing as most of the land is north facing. And we are subtropical. Anyone that can assist? Please message us. This is an immediate need. Thanks much. Arohanui. Jo and Amira The Papa and Mama of the Zing.

Here are some photos of this magical place. Please help us hold this space for all of those who will come and experience it and those will experience from afar!

Contact us for more information or to make a donation.  Thanks!

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